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Date:2005-07-08 16:44
Subject:it's been a while

i don't have anything to say i just thought i'd say hi :)

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Date:2005-02-24 14:55
Mood: sick

I'm sick. I finally came down with my cold of the year. Oh wait, no I was just sick a few weeks ago! This is a different cold though. I want the other one back. It was all in the chest - coughs seem easier to treat than nasal congestion. Oh well... I got some very powerful sudafed decongestant and it seems to be helping... but it's making me a little loopy!

So, nothing too exciting is happening in my world. I'm slowly but surely turning my house into a HOME if you know what I mean. There are still a few boxes in the office to be unpacked this weekend but I finally hung up pictures and art curtains! and it's feeling much more cozy :) one of these days I PROMISE I'll take pictures! I just have to be less lazy I guess haha.

OK like 2 more hours at work... I can handle it right... sheesh!

peace out yo.


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Date:2005-02-22 11:39
Subject:eye of the storm?
Mood: blah

Ok I'm calmer now. I hope it doesn't swing back to bite me in the ass later though.

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Date:2005-02-22 10:23
Mood: irritated


People really piss me off sometimes.

::sigh:: I wish I could say I felt better now that I yelled! dammmmmnit.

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Date:2005-02-17 15:43
Subject:Bored as haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaail
Mood: sleepy

I'm at work. And am bored. I just don't have any work this afternoon and all I can think about is going out tonight with my friend to see this band in the Mission! V. excited. It's this guy she works with. Here's the website if you're interested. Eoin Harrington I'll be sure to report back if it's any good :)

It's 3:44... but I am so sleepy, I want to leave now! I need something to entertain me! AH, maybe I will play some Harry Potter trivia. But, that only holds my attention for so long b/c when I start answering questions wrong I feel bad and want to go re-read the books for the 3rd time haha.

::eats heart shaped sweet tarts::

ahh that's better - maybe I just needed some sugar. What am I going to do for the next hour and 12 mins? oh wait, it might be longer than that cuz I don't think she's going to pick me up until like 5:30 at the earliest! eeeeks.

Ok if anyone actually reads this, I apologize for the lameness.

peace out.

did I actually say that? am v. sleepy indeed.

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Date:2005-02-08 14:21
Subject:I feel like dancin'
Mood: energetic

I wish I could join a dance class again. I almost signed up for a ballet class the other day and then realized my ankle is not strong enough yet! I have only taken ballet once and I enjoyed it so much. I would love to do it more! Any kind of dance would be good though...

I did sign up for a new choir though! There is an evening rehearsing choir at the SF City College. It's definitely better than the one I was in at Diablo Valley College... but nothing will ever top De Anza... that is so close to my heart. It's not even like if I moved back to that area that I could go back though b/c that era has closed! One director is gone and the other will be retiring soon and a lot of the people that i loved have moved on too. Ohhhh well! I will always have those lovely memories right?

One last thing - guess who's birthday is in like 23 days! ME ME ME :)

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Date:2005-01-27 13:52
Subject:I just choked!
Mood: distressed

Hoooooly cow. I just truly choked for the first time in my life. That was like the scariest thing that has happened to me in such a long time. I got a chip lodged in my throat horizonally. Nothing was moving! I was so scared... and I'm at work! Why is it I do things like this in public... I sprained my ankle going down the stairs to the subway a few weeks ago - wasn't that enough?

Anyway TWO people tried the heimlich on me but it didn't work.... I started panicking then and just stuck my finger down my throat and figured if I threw up all over the floor, so be it. But, I didn't thankfully! I could feel the chip though so I just sort of pushed it down so it was vertical.... then I could breathe a little....then I drank some water to help dissolve it and it slowly went down. I did manage to get food and spit like EVERYWHERE though.... I ended up sprawled out in the hallway....and I made all kinds of noise of course so a bunch of people were like what's wrong? I was SOOO embarassed.... now I really want to just go home and lay in bed. I have so much adrenaline pumping through me right now! it's too much stress. And this was probably too many details for you so sorry if you didn't want them.

ok off to try to calm down... how am i supposed to focus on work now? eeeeesh!

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Date:2005-01-27 10:26
Subject:Photos update
Mood: lethargic

Well I officially despise geocities. They can bite my ass for all I care. UGH.

Anyway, I moved all my pictures to another webspace! And I added some new ones!

Page 1
Page 2


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Date:2005-01-26 15:28
Subject:Twice in one day
Mood: hungry

I just wanted to mention that I added some altered pics to the page I posted on the last entry! Rene worked some magic! :) Also changed my icon wohoo!

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Date:2005-01-26 12:42
Mood: sleepy

So, I had fun with my camera last night - I did a photo session! My friend Rene took a few really cool pictures lately and they totally inspired me to do my own. You can see one of her latest ones if you like, as it's posted as her journal icon.

Anyway, I took a lot of pictures and managed to get several of them onto a website for you to see if you're interested. There will probably be more later if I have time tonight to cut them down to an appropriate size etc. Well, don't laugh too hard... let me know what you think :)

My Photos

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Date:2005-01-25 12:28
Subject:Flashback time
Mood: hungry

So I came in here to change my style around a little bit and upload a new (well, old) icon... and I discovered that the style I created when I first got LJ is still available! I was initially a paid member for a few months just to play around and I made this style and then when my paid subscription ran out, it defaulted back to the regular style. I didn't know I could still use it though. So I like it but I really want to change the heading colors to something darker...but I can't figure out where to do it! It's driving me nuts.

So, in addition to my flashback style I also uploaded a flashback icon. This is from October, 2003...the asymetrical bob. I can't believe my hair was that short! I feel like it hasn't grown that much though! I guess the difference is more evident when I straighten it! Oh well...

If anyone knows how to change those colors, let me know! I know where you go to modify the page and I know how to enter the overrides and everything...but every time I try to change a color it just doesn't seem to take! :(

Ok, time to eat... maybe that will power my brain!

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Date:2005-01-24 10:15
Subject:Makeup is bad for you...did you know?
Mood: pensive

So my mom sent me an interesting story today...she read it on I linked it b/c it's a little long but worth the comments follow.

It's the beauty industry's ugly secret.Collapse )

Eeek. This stuff scares me. It seems these days that nothing we do is good for us in the long run. You're never safe. Did you know that almost every processed food on the supermarket shelf contains partially hyrodgenated oils? It's a process where they shoot hydorgen up through the oil and some chemical reaction takes place which increases the shelf life of the product it's inserted into significantly. Problem is, it also increases the shelf life of it's existence in your body. It's like a little parasite, it attaches itself to your cells and won't let go. It's in EVERYTHING... ritz crackers, pancake mix, chips, etc. You can't get away from it! It's far worse for you than regular fat or even saturated fat. But it's only recently been discovered and the FDA hasn't officially approved it as something that has to be labeled on the nutrition facts. But, it's on the way and some products already say it because they DON'T contain it. Maybe our "health food" pariah's have had it right all along?Eating whole fruits, vegetables and grains that are pesticide free for three times the price at the farmer's market? UGH.

Anyway, what are we to do? It's nice t know that I don't have to give up make up all together because YES, I do enjoy wearing it!...I just have a great excuse to start shopping at the Body Shop! I love that place, I just avoid it b/c it's expensive :) Anyway, thanks for reading if you got this far!

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Date:2005-01-21 14:32
Subject:Karaoke fun
Mood: cheerful

Ok, well karaoke from my own home is fun... but i'll post it here anyway. A fun hanson karaoke thread got started on So, non fans beware.... it's just for fun and I love to sing y'all know that! Oh, these are not ALL hanson songs though!

here we go:

1. Broken Angel
2. Believe
3. Moscas En La Casa (This is my attempt at singing in Spanish but beware..I don't speak Spanish! I just love this song!)
4. When You Say Nothing at All

fun fun fun, i will post more later b/c i'm a dork!

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Date:2005-01-11 10:58
Subject:Heels were not a good idea yesterday
Mood: hungry

Ahhhhh so I wore heels yesterday in an attempt to pretend that my ankle is all better. It hurts like hell today! MANNNNNNN. And of course, it was pouring rain last night so I didn't go for my walk. But, that's probably for the best considering how it feels now.

So, I made chicken piccata for dinner last night! It was yummy. We had it with green beans, salad and sauteed mushrooms and onions! And French bread MMM. Then I made fruit salad with chocolate fondue for dessert. It was a yummy evening. A bit on the exhausting side though b/c I didn't get all done cleaning the kitchen etc until like 9:30. I watched a little TV but then I didn't get to sleep until around midnight. I didn't want to wake up this morning but right after my alarm went off the 2nd time a big clap of thunder hit! You can bet my eyes popped open pretty quick. I loveeeee thunderstorms! I was all excited that today would be cool. But, by the time I was out of the shower it was over! Now it's all sunny :( Oh well. I got one or two good thunders!

Is it lunchtime yet, man I'm hungry :D

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Date:2005-01-10 13:36
Subject:obsessed much

Ok I can't stop listening to the song! It's driving me crazy in a good way. I put it on and I can't listen to anything else. I just put it on repeat and it keeps going on and on. I think I have listened to it like 8 times now in the last 20 mins or something. Part of the problem is that I haven't put it on my iPod yet - so it's just on my desktop and I can't mix it with other things. But, I don't know if I would if it was on my iPod either! It's just so good. I love love love it! And b/c the song in general is so good, I'm willing to overlook the LAMEASS title. What the hell is a Breaktown anyway? ugh. Ok!

I wish I had some good chocolate right now. I brought two double chocolate milano cookies for my dessert today but they really just won't cut it. The chocolate flavor is really overshadowed by the cookie! Maybe I'll have to make a trip up to the cafe to partake in one of the freshly baked chocolate chip cookies! I could save the milano's for tomorrow or something. So much for watching my weight in 2005 :( I need to lose like 30-40 lbs! How am I gonna do that whilst munching on choc chip cookies! EEK. Well, if I could just get my ass in gear and go to the gym like a normal person it would help. Although, it doesn't aid my cause that I sprained my ankle three weeks ago and I still can't do anything straining on it. Walking is fine but running or jumping or anything cardio related would be out of the question. Today is the first time in 3 weeks that I have attempted wearing heels and it's hurting a lot actually. It's still slightly swollen and I have much less flexibility than I used to. Well, I should just be a good girl and go walking for like 30 mins in my neighborhood. That wouldn't hurt it I think. As long as I'm careful. And I need to get some exercise.... the fat is bubbling over in places that I do NOT approve of.


hey, how did this post go from insanely delightful to downright depressing in such a short time? oh that's right, b/c I'm basically having a "breakdown" every day. haha ok bye now

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Date:2005-01-07 12:09
Subject:::sniffle:: ::achoo::
Mood: thirsty

OK, the bad news is, my cold isn't getting better. The worse news is that it's raining like crazy today. The good news is, I get to go home early! My boss keeps telling me to go home every day b/c she's like I can see you don't feel good! But, I didn't want to spend too much of my vacation time at home when I don't feel THAT bad. But, I have to work on my review so she suggested i take off early today and work on it from my couch :) woohoo! So i'm off to do that....

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Date:2005-01-06 09:31
Subject:Coughing sucks!
Mood: sick

So, I have this nasty chest cold. I realllllly don't want to go to the doctor b/c I know they're gonna charge me like $200 to tell me to take a cough expectorant. But, this morning in the shower I took a breath and it kinda caught in my throat which, of course, made me start coughing. But then I started coughing so hard that my chest muscles just seized up and I couldn't breathe at all. There was just no movement. Let me tell you - that is like the SCARIEST feeling! It has happened to me before when I have had bronchitis so I'm always afraid to cough when I get chest colds b/c I know it might happen. But, this was particularly scary b/c I was in the shower right after I woke up this morning (ya know, basically still asleep) and it was really hot in the shower and I was afraid I was going to pass out. But, I tried to just relax and eventually the muscles relaxed too and then I could breathe. But, it was baaaaaad.

Well I guess I'll be going out at lunch to get some cough medicine or something? hehe ::cough cough::

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Date:2005-01-04 14:29
Subject:New house, new year, new me?
Mood: sick

Well it's officially 2005. That is weird to say - wasn't it just 2000 yesterday? I just can't seem to get used to this 21st century thing. I suppose it will take another few years or something. Who knows.

Well, I.J. and I moved into our new house Sunday. I already feel so much better. I think that the last six months have been really hard on me for a number of different reasons. It has been hard getting used to living with I.J., but I don't think that's ALL. You know how some people have SAD - seasonal affective disorder or something like that... well I think I have ESAD. Environment and surrounding affective disorder. I've always had this thing where if my surroundings aren't just right, I get really uptight and tense all the time. Like when I lived at home, there were some rooms I always felt uncomfortable in. But, for instance, our living room was always perfect. The colors, the temperature, the furniture arrangement, the windows. I'm totally NOT into feng shui, but I think it's similar. It also has to do with the city. You know, is the neighborhood nice? Do you even want to look outside? We had such a nice garden (thanks to my dad's hard work!) that it was always so pleasant to gaze out the window.

Anyway, the new house is like 500% better than the other place. The condo had it's perks. But all in all, it ended up being a place that I wasn't comfortable in. I never felt at home there. But we've been in the new house 2 days and it already feels so much more cozy! I will take pictures soon and post them here for you all to see. But you have promise to visit me :) haha

I wish you all a happy 2005. I hope it's better than 2004....


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Date:2004-12-17 15:13
Subject:Sleep would be nice
Mood: exhausted

So, anyone else ever have consistent trouble sleeping? It's the WORST. Especially when your alarm is going off at 6:30 am every morning. Something weird happens to me at night when I can't sleep though. I totally lose control and get really angry and frustrated. I feel like a cat having one of their weird random mood swings. You know where the chemicals are all unbalanced? It kind of freaks me out to be honest. And the less sleep I get the more tired I am and the more tired I am the more unstable I am! what's this all about?

ugh anyway!!! I'm going to a Christmas Carolling party tonight at my parent's house so hopefully that will get me more into this Christmas spirit! :) How is everyone else's holiday season going? I hope GOOD!

ok, I'm out for now.

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Date:2004-12-14 14:46
Mood: anxious

Wow.... 3 months have passed. That's a little better than my track record with my journal at home. That thing only gets updated like every 18 months! And then I have to spend 12 pages writing an update.

So, I'm moving into a new house in three weeks! It's a 3 bedroom 1 1/2 bath single family home with a 2 car garage and a beautiful patio with rosebushes and a actual yard with grass and a gardener that comes once a week! I'm really excited. I started packing this last weekend, realizing I only have one weekend before we move to pack b/c Christmas is right in the middle there! Anyway, as soon as I have pictures I'll post them for you all! I'm so glad we're moving. The condo we've been living in since June is nice but this will be better in so many ways. I'm going to be a lot closer to family and friends, we'll have a lot more space in a much better layout and IJ will have his 2 car garage to work on the cars to his little heart's desire! :)

Anyway, that's what's been going on with me....I just wish it felt more like Christmas... we didn't get a xmas tree since we're packing and stuff now but I put out the few Christmas decorations I have. it definitely makes it not feel so much like the holidays.... oh well. I'll try to absorb as much as possible on Christmas day with my family!

hugs to everyone,

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